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The Blending Zone - Grasshopper

My son was driving me to an appointment the other day and we traveled through many, different, ethnic neighborhoods on our route. I began to notice the fringe area between each locale – the blending zone between two different cultures. Each zone was a microcosm of our country.

It's wonderful to have different backgrounds, different cultures, different rites, and rituals. It struck me that the blending of them is what makes us so rich.
Wanting to remain separate and apart is always a backward strategy. There is no growth contained in that mindset.
Focus on food for a moment. Notice the blending of cultures in your favorite meals. I remember in the late 70s a big, fast-food chain came out with a product called a "Tico Taco Pizza." Talk about blending.
But this is more than about food; it's about enrichment. When we build solid walls about "the way it is," we impoverish ourselves and stop searching for the way it could be.
Isolationism is an unlighted path. It causes us to stumble more often than we need to. Inclusion offers us more light and more helping hands.
I encourage us all to explore more of the blending zone. It's the pathway towards tomorrow and it won't strand us in yesterday.
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