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Justifications Are The Glue That Cement You In Place - Grasshopper

A justified piece of behavior is more solid than the holiday fruitcake. When there are no holes in your rationalizations, your behaviors remain solidly irrational.

Have you ever entertained examining your justifications? If and when you do, you'll begin the process of removing the glue.
Justifications are reasons that, too often, are unreasonable. Justifications are excuses. They are used when you want to be excused for executing a piece of behavior. "I was justified!"
Rather than justifying, just say what you did without explanation. "Why did you throw that pass that wound up being intercepted?" Only an unjustified answer reflects reality. "I threw that pass because I threw that pass."
Justifications will have detractors, which means arguments are not far behind. When you justify, you set up the framework for an argument. I don't know about you but, in my experience, I'm not sure anything ever got settled by arguing.
Admitting what you did without justification doesn't absolve you of the behavior, it simply gives you an opportunity to skip the argument and move forward faster.
Justifications put you in reverse. "My bad" will gain you more absolution than a cloud of justified pollution.
Justified is just a fancy way of saying, "I'm right" - words that invariably lead to a fight.
Want to release the hold justifications have on you? Just don't marry them, because if you do, you'll experience the Gorilla Glue® of "I do."
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