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The Wrong Side Of Right - Grasshopper

I'm usually not a big fan of the words "right" and "wrong." I much prefer "accurate" or "inaccurate." They seem to be less inclined to lead to a confrontation. In the case of The Grasshopper's latest musing, I'm allowing myself an exception. He said, "Wrong is wrong no matter how many right things you do."

His message is one of personal responsibility. The example I often use is the person who is a generous benefactor to the local hospital. This gent has donated millions to this house of healing. Yet, one time, he exposed himself in the nurse's lounge. He thinks he should get a pass for this action based on his past good deeds
His logic is at odds with Newton's third law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. How often do we want to be judged only by our good deeds? Some of us pretend that we have no flaws - especially ones to account for.

"My bad" has to return in order for us to move forward. Acknowledgement, apologies, and atonement are the sorely needed salve for a fractured society. They are the highway back to harmony.

Your actions are your actions. It's that simple. No amount of spin can change wrong to right. If you don't believe that, prepare yourself for a never ending fight.
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