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The Universal Addiction - Grasshopper

We're all addicted to the same thing: Reaction!

We live in a stimulus-reaction world. It's a conditioned existence that can be outgrown. It just takes some noticing.

We are slaves to our reactions until we break the chains. The first link weakens when we start noticing that our reactions are automatic. They happen without out permission. Our mind has a mind of its own until we notice and own our reactions.

Rather than justify them and say something defensive like, "That's just the way I am," notice the robotic reactions just before or just as they happen. That gives you a chance to prevent them or reel them back in and choose something different - a response.

It's that moment of noticing, you enter the space between stimulus and reaction. It's in that space that you'll find a response - one that frees you to do something new.

Mental reactions are tired pieces of behavior that always take you to the same place - confinement. Taking time to notice a reaction gives you space to escape.

You will stay addicted to reactions if you choose not to notice them. I wonder how soon you'll notice.

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