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Glitter Or Gold? - Grasshopper

Over a decade ago, The Grasshopper opined, That which we reach out for is glitter; that which we mine for is gold.” There is a choice point in life where we can stop reaching and start mining. That choice point can be NOW!

Glitter is what most of us are attracted to during the first half of life. Even when we amass lots of it, it doesn’t seem to be enough. There is a sugar high attached to glitter. When it wears off, we seek more short-term shimmer. Glitter has the consistency and nutritional value of cotton candy.


Reaching out is not the activity that gets us to the precious ore. Gold is found when we reach in. We have all the valuable internal resources we need; we just have to mine for them.


Mining happens anytime you cause a pause in your thinking. That’s when you have access to your gold mine. Here’s an easy rhyme to remember: When you’re in your head, you have access to lead. When your thoughts are on hold, you have access to gold.


You can use the following exercise to quiet your mind. Just close your eyes for about a minute and then slowly open your eyes and look around the room. While you look around, avoid naming the things you see. Experience your surroundings without labeling what’s in them. It takes a little practice but each time you do it, you get better at quieting your mind.


Your valuable resources are one less thought away, so make “Silence is Golden” your phrase of the day.


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