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Fashioning A Future - Grasshopper

Reciting or revisiting your history recedes you into the past – an illusionary world that doesn’t physically exist. It only exists in our memory. The same is true for the future. The only place it lives is in our mind.

Past and future are puffs of smoke pretending to be more than air.


The present moment is the only physical place you can be. The past is a memory of previous present moments. The future is a mental projection fashioned in the present moment.


It’s one thing to say that the present moment is the only time there is; it’s another to live in that moment.


There is nothing wrong with imagining a different future, but getting lost in the dream takes you out of the only time you can facilitate the future: Now!


Walking down memory lane for a visit can be a fun adventure, like going to an amusement park. But if you attempt to live there, you’ll have to exist on cotton candy.


Action can only take place now.  


Building a future has to take place in the moment you’re in. Present moments stacked on top of each other are the stairway to tomorrow. You can’t get there without taking steps today.


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