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Aware Or Awake? - Grasshopper

Are you aware or awake? I hope the answer is both. Awareness to me represents knowledge; awake embodies wisdom.

I’ve had many spiritual teachers over the years - some I’ve met and others I just experienced through their works. The ones who were aware, schooled me in their teachings and gave me memorable quotes to re-quote. The awake ones pointed me towards my own wisdom.


I cherish the techniques that I’ve learned from my aware teachers and use them almost every day. The wisdom the awake ones have pointed me to can’t be measured because it comes from infinity, an immeasurable quantity.


You can Google awareness. The information is vast, yet finite. Awake wisdom has no beginning or end.


We’re all aware of the expression “anything is possible,” but we’re unlikely to grasp its full meaning with our awareness.  The possibilities are endless when we tap into the wisdom of awake.


Yes, learn all the conscious methods you can about becoming more aware. They will be quite helpful but never complete. But when you take the time to quiet what you consciously know, you’ll wake up to wisdom and you’ll reap more of what you sow.


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