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It Comes Through Me, Not To Me - Grasshopper

Whatever you’re creating in your life comes through you. You are a conduit for creation.

Most of us are looking for something to come to us: Health, Wealth, Happiness, etc.


Yes, I agree that if you hit the lottery, money comes to you, but what are the odds of that happening?


The cauldron of creativity boils endlessly and bubbles up through us when our thoughts are out of sight, out of mind.


Creation is done in quiet. A noisy mind makes creating a life-sapping grind.


Once you recognize that your greatest gift is creation, you’ll want to get out of the way more often and let it do its work and come through you.


You are the portal from which manifestation flows. “Trying” to create is like drinking from a fire hose.


Set an intention and then stop telling creativity how to do its job. When you discipline yourself to do that, the creative highway changes from a two-way to a throughway.


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