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Creating On Purpose - Grasshopper

We all create every day, but we may not like or be satisfied with our creations.

When we overeat or over-imbibe, our body creates fat. That’s its job: to turn excess consumption into fat. Cursing your body for doing what it’s supposed to do doesn’t solve the situation.


So what are we supposed to be doing? What is our purpose? I believe we all have one purpose: to create on purpose.


We’ve done enough creating by accident or conditioning. The number one job now is to create on purpose.


How does one do that? It’s starts with finding what you’re positively passionate about. What brings you joy? What brings you peace of mind? What brings you satisfaction? Those are just a few of the questions that reveal your passion.


Next, you find your purpose - what you want to passionately create. What can you create for yourself and your corner of the world that will make life more fulfilling? That’s your purpose.


I have a great book title that I’ll never write: THE SPACE OF CREATION. All creation comes out of the space between your thoughts. The more often you enter that space, the more creative you become. Your purpose channels that creativity into your area of desire.


Find your passion and you’ll find your purpose. Make some space in your thinking and you’ll be creating on purpose.


All the best,

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