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Old School Rules - Grasshopper

What stands the test of time? Many things, but included among them are “Old School Rules.”

What is an Old School Rule?  - a maxim that’s probably been around way longer than you, and still applies. My guess is an old school rule will also outlive us all.


So, it naturally follows that if we follow Old School Rules we’ll be following a well-traveled path even when we’re old.


We all know the most popular ones:


• “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

• “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

• “Step on a crack and break your mother’s back.” (oops, that one just snuck in without proper ID).


Some aren’t as well known but just as accurate:


“Talk doesn’t cook rice.”

• “The reason life doesn’t work is because people don’t keep their agreements.”

• “Doing diffuses fear.”


It doesn’t matter who said them; it matters that we live them.


If you spout a favorite Old School Rule and don’t do your level best to live by it, your future will be fraught with your failings.


It’s not important that you live by others’ rules; it’s crucial that you live by your own - ones that will still be taught at that old school house of the future.


Old School Rules are as stubborn as mules: they remain in place to keep us from having to save face.


All the best,

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