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Mind Your Mind - Grasshopper

I view the mind as a stimulus-reaction machine that’s on autopilot. More simply put, your mind has a mind of its own.

The biggest illusion we live under is that we are the thoughts our mind puts out. To dispel that myth, all you have to do is ask, “Who were you before you had a formed intellect?” You existed without thoughts for a couple of years; then the mind began to develop.


Our mind is separate and apart from who we are, yet we have been conditioned to believe we are our thoughts. That thought machine goes on without your permission every day of your life.


If you make one discovery in this lifetime, my hope for you is this: that you find out that you are not your mind.


If we aren’t our minds, who are we? We are the observer of the mind. When we pay mind to the mind by observing this thought machine in action, we discover who we truly are. We don’t engage the mind in debate; we just observe it. And by observing, we get a reprieve from our incessant thoughts. In that space, creativity flows and we experience mental repose.


If you need a break from your thoughts, take a few minutes a day to mind your mind. That means to watch it in action as a detached observer. What you’ll find is that your mind is not you. It’s just a stimulus-reaction machine that is always cooking a mental stew.


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