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The Credit Always Goes To The Student - Grasshopper

We’re all familiar with the teaching of The Buddha, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” The teacher has always been there; the student has not.

Since the teaching always was and always will be, it is not the hero of the story. The student is.


Many a football coach has offered instructions and handed the ball off to a player. It’s up to the player to run with it. If he wants to waste time arguing about the teaching, he will be tackled by his own inertia.


He/She who embodies the teaching by their example is the one who deserves our kudos.


The teachings will always be there. So will the arguments for our limitations. The key is to choose a teaching and live it, not just preach it. As The Grasshopper reminded us long ago, “A parrot can quote a sacred text; only a hypocrite can defile it.”


To be a credit to the teaching, live and breathe it and proper due will come back to you.


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