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It’s Hard To Appreciate A Passage Until You’re In One - Grasshopper

In 1976 Gail Sheehy wrote a seminal book call “Passages.” It details with great specificity what goes on when you’re going through particular passages in life.


It’s one thing to know about them; it’s eye-opening when you live them.


Men can easily relate but not readily admit to “losing a step.” It usually happens in their early 30s unless you’re Tom Brady or Roger Federer. Women experience “falling apart” somewhere between 35 and 50. It’s a passage where they ask this question: Is this all there is?


But rather than list the passages, it’s productive to notice when you’re in one. Notice that a change is taking place. It can present as a change in attitude or in physical capabilities and limitations. When you notice and admit to changes, you take away the argument that they’re going on. When the argument ceases, you can move though the passage with more ease.


Passages are part of life. The sooner you recognize you’re in one, the sooner the gift of acceptance comes your way.


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