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The Grand Excuse - IF - Grasshopper

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “What would I do differently – If”? I know I have. But it was surprising to me that it’s the question that’s revealing, not the answer.

The question has an easy answer. It’s something you want to do but don’t believe you can, due to “Iffy” circumstances.


I’ve begun to look at the question from a different angle. I simply remove the “If.”


Just asking yourself, “What would I do differently?” opens up heretofore unexplored options. Here are some second cousins: “What can I do differently?” “What do I want to do differently?”


When you remove “If,” you remove the perceived obstacle. It’s more than semantics. It’s giving you brain instructions to find more opportunities. “If” indicates it can’t be done, so your brain only searches for similar excuses.


“If I wasn’t so poor, if I wasn’t so fat, if I wasn’t so fearful, I would (fill in the blank).


Stop providing yourself with excuses and you’ll excuse yourself from limited thinking.


What IF you took the governor off your possibilities?


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