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Worry Stops When You Die - Grasshopper

What you may not have noticed is there is another living, breathing remedy.

For many people the sign of being alive is the human condition of worry, or more succinctly - I worry therefore I am.


How many funerals or memorial services have you been to where it's been said, "They're at peace now." That presupposes that they couldn't have been at peace while alive. It's quite the oversight.

Worry is always future based. It's always about what will happen instead of what is happening.


It's useful to forecast future happenings based on the likelihood of certain variables or circumstances continuing. But when you add worry to the predicted outcome, you die, twice. In fact, when worry comes into play, you reduce your chances of reaching a different outcome and you die sooner.

Worry is a fear worth noticing, not indulging in.


We all worry but few of us notice.

What would happen if you just stopped and noticed that you were having worrisome thoughts? What if you took your gift of awareness and focused it on noticing the worry without the drama. It would take the shape of a statement like this - "I'm noticing that I'm having troubling thoughts about (fill in the blank)."


Just by unemotionally noticing the thought, you suck the wind out of its sails, and it has a hard time tacking across your mind. You may have to repeat the noticing process a few times to get the hang of it, and the outcome is that worry becomes dead in the water.

The diseases associated with those who perpetually worry without noticing are too numerous to mention. Yes, these diseases have other causes as well, but worry is the catalyst that insures they harm you to the hilt.


Worry wears you down and ages you. "Don't Worry, Be Happy" was a cute little song which had one word in its title preventing the soothing message from reaching your body - "Don't"

"Don't" always suggests "Do."


"Don't think of pink elephants" should be all the proof you need.

It may not have sold as many copies, but the message would have been more prescriptive if the title of the song was "Notice Worry, Be Happy."


"Stop worrying" is awful advice because it produces the polar opposite - Worry.

Noticing your worry brings it into the present where it can be dealt with. Now is the only time you can notice. Begin to notice the worrisome thoughts that, left unchecked, will eat at your life force.


Noticing is an exercise in present moment awareness. When you become aware of what is going on in the moment, you place your attention on the only time frame that produces action - now.

Once we realize that worry doesn't solve problems but keeps them alive, we become more open to this strategy we hadn't noticed before.


Noticing is the strategic action that causes worry to become diluted and neutralized.

I wonder if you've ever noticed that worry has never solved what you are worried about.

You can continue to worry yourself to death and not solve your problems, or you can notice there's another solution.


It's never too soon to put your worry on notice.


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