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Getting In Shape - Grasshopper

I heard actor Hugh Jackman quoting actor Will Smith saying, "It's easier to stay in shape than to get in shape." Anyone who has made the effort will readily agree.

I once read that actress Sophia Loren never did a day of exercise in her life, at least not what most would consider exercise. She does have a routine though. She breathes deeply for 20 minutes a day either outdoors or in front of an open window. That, my friends, is an aerobic exercise. "Aerobics" means with air. She's 84 years young and in shape.


But this writing isn't about physical fitness; it's about getting in mental shape and maintaining your gains.


If you are mentally doing battle with yourself on a daily basis, you are way out of shape. I've often asked the question, "Have you ever won an argument with your mind?" The answer is always "no." We just devolve into other things to argue about. As long as you're arguing, getting in shape will avoid you.


The key to getting in mental shape is observing your mind at work as an innocent bystander. There is a show going on in there 24/7. Take the time to extricate yourself from being a participant to being an observer. Unemotionally watching your mind at work is the work that's necessary for getting in shape.


Once you make observing a practice, it becomes routine, just like breathing.


Appropriating a concept from Nike, JUST OBSERVE IT! It will keep you from arguing on the sidelines and get you back in shape so you can be fit enough to stay in the game.


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