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Set & Forget - Grasshopper

America is a “set and forget” society. We look for a sub-routine in just about everything – one that doesn’t require us to pay attention.

That’s a great philosophy when you install, say, a doorbell, but it doesn’t ring true in other areas, especially relationships.


Taking someone for granted is one of the quickest ways to end a relationship.


One of the insightful teachings of The Buddha is impermanence. Putting it in modern terms, everything has a shelf life.  There is a beginning and end date to all relationships. That’s just a known fact. What isn’t as well known is the process of keeping one alive for its entire lifespan.


The water and fertilizer needed to sustain life and growth is “attention.” When you stop paying attention, the “plant” starts to die from the roots upward. You don’t see the manifestation until its too late.


Take stock of who or what is important to you and then ask yourself if they or it gets enough of your attention. If the answer is “No,” your relationship is losing its glow. Keep ignoring it and you’ll watch it die before your eyes.


Remember to pay attention. It’s the currency of human relationships. Set this reminder in stone and you’ll never forget that you’re not alone.


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