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The Fear Of Hatred - Grasshopper

Seems to me that when you boil it down, hatred is nothing but fear.


When you hate someone or something, you feel fear.


You don’t like the sensation your body is producing, so you assign it a name in an effort to chase it away. That name then takes on a life of its own. It’s called “hatred.”


The next time you are experiencing hate, stop for a moment and notice the location of the sensations your body is producing. What you’ll discover is that they’re the same sensations you feel when you fear. Hatred and fear are one and the same.


So how do you get around fear? You don’t. You have to go through it. Give your body permission to fully feel the sensation you label as fear. That’s not chasing it away; it’s inviting it in so you can get acquainted and take the wind out of its sails.


When fear dissipates, so does hatred.


Begin to notice your hatred for what it is: a feeling in your body, not a concept in your mind.


I hate to tell you this but you’ll experience fear as long as you hate, unless you feel it. And to this, there is no debate.


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