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Dead Wrong - Grasshopper

How often have we uttered these words: “Dead Wrong”? Less times than you’ve found a lime seed is my experience.

Have you ever stopped to examine your beliefs, especially the ones not working for you? That’s when you’re going to find “Dead Wrong.”


It seems to be a matter of focus, but most folks remember what they were right about. That’s probably because it happened so few times that they’re easier to count.


I’ve written about my stepfather before. He was a loveable soul who only remembered when he was right, especially about a prediction. He would say to my mother, “Did I call that shot, Lil?” He never announced his misses. My guess is this: rarely do we.


I suffered a physical malady for over 35 years and I was dead wrong about the cause. There was enough information out there about what caused my discomfort, but I hung my hat on another cause, one that had little evidence to back it up.


Finally, one day I decided that I would head in the mainstream direction and “Voila” my symptoms disappeared.


I hope it doesn’t take you over three decades to find out you’re dead wrong. It only takes entertaining the opposite belief and acting on it for a while. If it works, fantastic! If it doesn’t work, you can entertain another counter belief and try it on for size. Eventually, you will arrive at a new mindset that supports the new direction you’re headed in.


You’ll have “Dead Wrong” “Dead to Rights” if you take the time to outgrow what causes you to suffer innumerable bites.


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