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Gone Fishin' - Grasshopper

Did you ever want to leave it all behind? Me too.

Most of the leaving I've done in the past has been temporary, meaning I would go back to whatever I left.


Those of you on diets can relate. All the foods and beverages you left behind are only temporary. That means the weight will come back, unless you make your new intake habits a way of life.


Leaving it all behind means beginning and maintaining something new.


Whether it's business, personal relationships, or personal habits, starting anew means you have to follow through.


If you compromise, your new way of life is a temporary disguise.


Ask anyone who has made a permanent change if they would go back to the old way and the answer you get is "No way." To establish something new you have to outgrow the old way.


I once asked a divorced woman in a seminar if she would ever consider going back with her ex. Her answer was a thunderous "No!" I tried sweetening the pie by asking her would she reconsider if he won a major lottery jackpot. Her answer was even louder: "NO!"


Leaving it all behind means you have to focus forward. Did you ever notice that the universe never goes in reverse? Reality is always a new reality.


Leaving it behind requires you get your ass in gear; otherwise your new ship will leave you at the pier.


Quietly contemplate the following question: "What has to change?" When you come up with an answer, and you will, it's time to heed what legendary baseball player Satchel Paige said: "Don't look back. Something might be gaining on you."


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