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Facing Reality - Grasshopper

Reality is what happens each minute of each day but we don’t look at it that way.

We often view reality as something dire. It can be, but every moment of your life needn’t be fraught with grim reaper fear.


Facing reality is recognizing what’s going on outside your head. We spend so much time inside that we only face reality when it knocks hard on our door. The illusions that we conjure up inside occlude what’s outside and we don’t get to face reality often enough.


It’s a simple concept but one we have a hard time wrapping our arms around, namely that reality is what the moment presents. We filter reality for only the bad things while so many moments and good things go unnoticed.


Going inside our head is escaping reality, which is no escape at all because reality is presenting itself and moving forward with every passing moment.


You miss a lot when you don’t face reality. You miss the moment every time.


Want more life? Face reality more often. You’ll experience the vibrancy that each moment brings.


Let’s face it reality isn’t going away. Every moment it invites you to come out and play.


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