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Cooking With Gas - Grasshopper

My dad had an expression when a project was going as planned: “We’re cooking with gas, John.”

Sometimes the gas wasn’t there but that did not scuttle the project; it just delayed it until the fuel returned.


I don’t know about you but I’ve been out of gas too many times in my life to count. The thing that refueled me was the vision of something I wanted to accomplish. I found that when I was out of gas for long periods of time, there was a direct correlation to the lack of a goal.


It’s my lifelong experience that it’s energizing to have something to look forward to. It “puts a tiger in your tank.”


If you’re due for a fill up, vividly imagine something that you want to accomplish. It can even be a pie-in-the-sky desire. Your nervous system doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined.


The goal is what fuels your soul.


If you want you weariness to pass, set a goal and start cooking with gas.


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