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Commit Or Quit - Grasshopper

What is commitment? In its simplest form, it's "do what you say you're going to do."

The old adage "your word is you bond" comes to mind.


When a golfer sizes up his/her next shot, he/she comes up with a strategy. Ask any golfer who changed that strategy in mid swing what the outcome was. It's usually water or woods. They didn't commit to the shot.


To me, it's a binary choice. Either you commit or you quit. That's in golf, relationships, business or any agreement of any sort.


I'm reminded of the words from EST founder Werner Erhard, "The reason life doesn't work is because people don't keep their agreements."


I'm for saying "Yes" more often because it opens up options. But if I really mean "No" and am saying, "Yes" to be nice or agreeable, I miss the opportunity to commit or quit. This tactic almost always leads to disappointment.


Quit means saying, "No" especially when you mean "No."


Yes, there are softer ways of saying, "No": "That doesn't sound appealing to me" or "I can't see myself doing that" or "It just doesn't feel right" come to mind.


When you readily don't know the answer, punt! "Let me think about it" or I'll get back to you" create a pause where you can ponder whether to "commit or quit."


Teenager: Can I go to the concert and stay overnight at my friend's house?

Father: Ask your mother.


If you want to be reliable to yourself and others, make it a habit to commit or quit. You'll spend less time in the woods searching for your ball.


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