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Lost Connection - Grasshopper

It’s a restorative and therapeutic regime to unplug once in a while; it’s problematic when you lose total connection.

That means there’s no juice when you plug back in. That’s because you’ve been away too long and have neglected the bill.


There is a price to pay when you lose touch. It’s the costly sum associated with being reconnected.


Connection is something we take for granted until it’s not there. The wires get cut and the piper is demanding we take specific action before connection can be restored.


The payment is a sustained effort of reaching out. That’s a tried and true way of making new connections and rewiring old ones.


People will forget about you if they don’t know you’re there. Too often we put the mantle of connection on others and not on ourselves. It’s hubris to the highest degree to think they can’t forget about me. They can and they do when you withdraw into you.


Here’s the bumper sticker: Reach Out When Connection Is In Doubt.


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