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Expand Your Options - Grasshopper

One of the ways we remain in place is by executing our routines – good ones and bad ones.

Repeating a routine that benefits us is in the worthy category; repeating unproductive ones keep us in a bad place.


But, by noticing a routine, while it’s going on, gives you the option to expand your options. What you are noticing is the sameness of a routine. By noticing the routine pattern, you become aware that this was a chosen way to go long ago. That recognition signals that choices were available then and are available now.


You now notice that you have options. They have expanded.


So the expansion of options exercise is to start noticing your routines. Just by observing them, you put yourself at the threshold of choice - with the opportunity to choose a new routine.


New options lead to new choices. The process begins by noticing your automatic way of doing things. Just by noticing, you have options to outgrow routines that don’t benefit you and improve the ones that do.


Start slow. Notice little things that you do automatically. Just putting your awareness on them, expands your vision to other possibilities.


Want more options? Exercise your awareness. Make it a routine.


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