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Inspiration Shall Not Be Rushed - Grasshopper

That sounds like an edict issued by an ancient headmaster, and are words to heed.

My late mother-in-law had a saying about fever blisters: "three days coming, three days here, three days going." Seems to be accurate no matter what the recommended remedies.


Aesop left us with "Don't count your chickens before they hatch." They'll hatch if and when they hatch no matter how many future peeps we are counting.


Patience is too strong a word due to our conditioning. It's a parental word we've been raised with and it has unpleasant feelings attached. So let's come up with another word that lays the groundwork for inspiration.


I offer, "Trust."


That means we pose our question or intention and trust that there is a part of us that summons the necessary internal resources to inspire us. Just like joining a gym, you will not see the desired results after your first visit. It takes some repetition.


Training yourself to trust gets you to inspiration quicker than a bevy of concocted shortcuts that just prolong the process.


I'm sure you've heard or seen the ads for "House Flipping." They will show you the easy way to put mountains of cash in your pocket just by learning their secrets (shortcuts). House flipping is methodical, painstaking work that takes time and attention. I'm amused that no one has ever asked the question, "If it's so lucrative, why aren't they doing it rather than teaching you about it?"


Inspiration, like the Christian concept of Grace, will come to you. It cannot be bought or rushed, but you can lay the groundwork by beginning to trust.


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