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Perception Is 90% Of The Law - Grasshopper

90% of our communication is verbal. It’s how we interpret (perceive) the world. And most of us are familiar with the axiom “Perception is Reality.” But it’s not.

Reality isn’t subject to perception. It stands alone without spin.


There is a difference between perceiving and sensing. Perceiving has lots of debate attached to it. Sensing does not. It’s binary: It’s either OK or not OK.


Sensing is the other 10 percent of communication and it pays exponentially more dividends than perception.


The non-verbal portion of communication is the most powerful. It sends real, raw messages, not the polished prose of perception.


I guess I could boil this down to “Trust your gut,” but it’s deeper than that. It’s about training yourself to sense when you are caught in the internal loop of debate. By doing so, you experience the unvarnished data of sensing and discover the 10% of the law that’s real.


Perception has its place, but it’s not at the head of the table. Once you sense that, you’ll dispense with the upside down math of perception and tap into the law of reality.


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