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Up-To-Date - Grasshopper

Are you “keeping up with the Jones’” or are you “up-to-date”? There is a difference.

Keeping up with others is keeping up with culture. It’s exhausting. Culture keeps changing and the goal posts for keeping up keep moving. What are we attempting to keep up with? - The standards set by others trying to be someone who they’re not.


We all have the same life force - the part that animates us from birth to death. That’s who we are. We ignore that part of us when we get caught up looking in the Jones’ driveway for who we should be.


We gather lots of cultural conditioning, most of which points away from who we are. How do we get back to our source? - By getting up-to-date.


That means to update how we respond to the world. Yes, hold on to what’s working and let go of what’s dragging you towards false horizons. We have been conditioned to reach out for what glitters instead of mining for gold.


Take inventory of your approach to life and find out what’s working now. If you’re living in a world of “shoulds,” you are out-of-date with the rhythm of life.


The path forward always starts here and now, never there and then. I wonder how soon Jones’n for getting up-to-date will begin.


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