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Getting Lost In Our Humanism - Grasshopper

It’s fair to say that most of us have been lost a time or two on this journey called life. We’ve walked down a path that lead nowhere in the hopes of getting somewhere.

Seems the one thing we all have in common, aside from breathing, is an animating spirit - one that causes us to walk and talk and do countless other things. Then there is the part of us that talks about all these experiences. That’s our humanism.


We often attempt to talk ourselves out of being lost. That never works. That’s being lost in our humanism.


We’re all human and that condition comes with successes and failures and no one is spared from either. The rub is this: when we experience a failure, we crank up the talk machine to try and get to the opposite pole - success.


No one teaches us to fully experience being lost. We immediately go to our sightless, yet wordy, logician for a path out of the woods. Failure (being lost) has something to teach us, but if the visiting professor doesn’t show up within 15 minutes, we skip the spiritual lesson and seek the counsel of our humanism.


Recognize that you’re lost when you’re lost and admit it and feel it. Don’t run from the experience because, if you do, you’ll run deeper into the woods.


Find your spirit that compliments your humanism and you’ll no longer be lost. You then become the embodiment of the verse from the hymn “Amazing Grace”:


I once was lost, but now am found
T'was blind but now I see.


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