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A Marriage of Misery - Grasshopper

Seems 50% of the population has been married and divorced. What are we married to and divorced from? That’s a real question looking for a real answer.

Here’s my attempt. We get married to our beliefs and divorced from our feelings.


Getting married to a belief is easy. It has lots of sex appeal at the outset and morphs into “comfy slipperville.”


We slip into not noticing that our belief isn‘t working for us anymore and attempt to push down the gnawing feeling that we’re on the wrong track. That’s a feeling we seek a separation from.


When we divorce our feelings, we are rudderless. We are adrift on a vast sea of windy thoughts that keeps our feelings tied down.


So how do we free our feelings?


Tie up the thought machine with surface tasks and let your feelings go to work below decks.


It’s tough to think about anything else when your attention is fully focused on a task. When your attention span narrows, your feeling sense widens.


You will never talk yourself out of a belief, but you can feel your way there. How? Sand your ship and find out what’s below the surface. Then repaint it with a color that floats your boat today.


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