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What’s Wrong With This Picture? - Grasshopper

I was always adept at figuring out what the difference was between two similar drawings in a newspaper cartoon challenge. That skill transferred into real life as a two-sided sword.

I've been able to cut through with one side of the sword, but mostly have cut myself with the other.


Cutting through is the ability to know someone's shortcomings before they even say their name during introductions. I'm real good at that. The downside of that skill is not going deeper with that person because I have instantly categorized them by their foibles.


By identifying with only someone's downside, you have not left much room for their upside to surface. Let's call it the "Judging a Book by the Cover" syndrome.


Here's a practice I need more practice at: Letting my judgements pass by so I can cut through to the real you.


It's a work in progress and the good news is I'm making progress. I hope you'll join me for my "March for Less Superiority," sometime down the line. I think it will be a well-attended event.


All the best,


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