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What Sticks? - Grasshopper

Glue strength most often is the best barometer of what sticks.

Think of the difference between the glue on the back of a Post-it Note® and the contents of a tube of Gorilla Glue®.


How badly do you want something? The chances of getting it are determined by what kind of glue you use. Is it "nice to have" glue? Or is it "if I don't get this I won't be able to breathe" glue?


Want something to stick to you? Consider the glue.


Glue without an emotional component will have your desires blow away with just a wisp of wind. Emotional glue will keep you bonded even through a tsunami.


The Grasshopper reminded us in a blog past years ago that you can't be a rock star with part-time passion. The post went on to say,


"Here's one of the best tips you'll ever get in life: End your frustration right now and stop chasing a dream without the requisite steam.


When what you say and what you feel are not in lockstep, you're going to step into some pretty smelly stuff time after time.


People who are passionate about something are passionate about it all the time. Their passion doesn't go on vacation.


When they focus that passion, the results are incredible.

A hobby is something you do part-time; passion is a full-time job.

Once you make that distinction, it will be easier to successfully pursue what sticks to you."

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