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Focusing On Faded Memories - Grasshopper

A walk down memory lane can be joyous and it can contain pain.

It’s double sided. It can revivify what you once had and produce a smile, or it can focus you on what you no longer have and bring you down with a frown. It’s always a choice.


Your past has shaped you, your future is aspired to, and where you are now determines where you will go. It’s a matter of focus.


Too much focusing on the past puts you back there without a way forward. Your future will be like the past because you never let the past be the past.


If your present is spent wishing it was the way it isn’t, your future is guaranteed to repeat the errors of the past.


It seems so “new agey” to say be grateful for what you now have, but look at the alternative - a visit to Christmas past that delivers no present.


Enjoy the walks down memory lane; just don’t buy a house there because the foundation will be built on the dwindling sands of the hourglass.


The past is finite with no room to grow. The future is filled with unlimited space but you can’t get there until you focus on the reality of now.


Plan for tomorrow but live for today. It’s the only way forward.


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