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The Purity of Innocence - Grasshopper

When we see a newborn, whether it's a child or a puppy, it's hard not to see innocence.

This blessed event is in a pure state with an empty slate. It seems to go downhill from there due to conditioning.


We get conditioned by our well meaning, but flawed, caregivers. The only time we're "perfect" is in the short period prior to conditioning.


Don't blame your parents; they did the best they could based on their conditioning. The natural conclusion is that conditioning is the culprit of our corruption.


We've all been conditioned. We developed preferences, beliefs, attitudes and ideologies well before we even knew what those words meant. The chances of returning to that pure state are skinnier than slim.


This preamble is a caution not to pursue perfection. It's unattainable. I heard it best stated this way: "Don't pursue perfection; pursue excellence." Excellence will not be perfect but it will be as close to purity as any human can get.


Seeking perfection causes stress; seeking excellence creates possibilities. Perfection offers no options. It's a zero sum game that garners zero results.


Being human is the antithesis of perfection. Humans seeking perfection are chasing the horizon - You wear yourself out but never get there.


If you're a perfectionist, you have an illness. The remedy is to recognize that you are human - imperfect, but with lots of pure intentions.


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