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Everyone’s Lost In A Different Place - Grasshopper

Where are you lost? I’ll bet it’s in a different place than me, or anyone else for that matter.

“Lost,” means having no clue. It’s like you’ve been blindfolded, driven somewhere and left in the middle of a forest. Where am I? No one else is lost with you; they’re lost somewhere else.


“Lost” is as individual as a fingerprint or DNA.


“Found,” on the other hand, is the same for everyone. It’s finding the you beneath the you that’s lost.


“Found” is a quiet place that has options galore - ones absent from the mental noise of lost.


“Found” is a one size that fits all. No matter where you’re lost, the peace of “Found” is one less noisy thought away.


Quiet contemplation, reflection, meditation, prayer and countless other methods are vehicles to “Found.”


We have both lost and found in common. One shows us that we’re human; the other shows us we are divine.


Want to find your way out of lost? Get out of your mind and find “Found.”


All the best,


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