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Transcending Limitations - Grasshopper

When you do a personal deep dive, you will discover that most limitations are self-limitations.

So how do we get to the other side? The first step is the hardest because it contains Gorilla Glue® - Denial.


Recognizing and admitting to our limitation and its cause (us), puts us at the doorstep of transformation.


Admitting you were "wrong" about something, especially if you have preached your entire life that it was "the way it is," deals a major blow to your self-image. That's a "good" thing because it's your self-image (who you pretend to be) that needs to come unglued.


Once you recognize that you were a facade with bumper stickers (solid positions), self- recognition replaces your self-image and that's when you get a glimpse of the real you - free from the limitation of false faces.


What are you "right" about that's only based on theory? Step two is to stop giving that homily as though it were gospel. Instead, put that story to bed and notice how much better you sleep.


Transcending limitation is an invocation to the deeper you to come out and expand your world view.


How unrestrained can you be?  Find out with admission and theory remission and step through to an unlimited you.


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