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What Is ‘Stuck’ Other Than Being Stuck On A Point Of View? - Grasshopper

When most of us claim to be stuck, we point to a specific cause for our condition.

It's the "This Causes That" Syndrome. We limit our point of view when we claim there is only one cause and one solution for our mental stew.


A point of view can be likened to one degree on a circle that contains 360 degrees. When we get stuck on one perspective, there's an overwhelming chance we'll stay glued to our sticky wicket.


"I know why I'm (fill in your stuck condition)." That's really focusing on the wrong end of the stick, namely the cause rather than a solution. The solution is somewhere else on the circle but we keep circling the drain stuck on finding the one reason for our pain.


Call it the "Myopia of Blame."


A new point of view is the starting place for extricating ourselves from our personal tar pit. Start looking for options. Options take the blinders off and present a wider view.


Stuck is getting caught in the trap of knowing rather than traveling the path of exploring.


Stuck? Start asking yourself, "What are my options?"


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