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Nobody Loves Me - Grasshopper

When I get the blues, I go into my “nobody loves me” mindset. It’s a period when I feel that no one cares about me.

I have reflected on these feelings and here’s what I found - A realization that takes away the malady: “I love me.”


If we’re incapable of loving ourselves, what are the chances that someone else will? My guess is slim.


When you’re sad, “I love me” is a remedy that works every time. You can start the process just by taking time to be grateful for your body and your mind. They have both delivered countless treasures to you, and thanking them for their contributions begins the progression back to a feeling loved state.


It’s too easy to go down the rabbit hole of drama when we’re feeling sad and unloved. We do so by recounting all the things that are making us miserable. A more useful practice is to send out “thank you cards” for all the gifts you’ve received.


The trick is to interrupt yourself when feeling that you’re not cared for. You can prevent any ensuing drama just by recognizing that you feel sad. After you recognize the unproductive thoughts and feelings, acknowledge them and you won’t fall prey to them.


Let these sensations have their say and then send them on their merry way. You pack their bags by giving thanks to your mind and body for all they do for you. With a little practice with this technique, you’ll experience the fading of the color blue.


It’s time to hop aboard a new train of thought - The Love Train. Give yourself some love when the world gives you a shove.


All the best,


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