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Searching For The Truth Will Keep You Searching - Grasshopper

Want to go on a lifelong quest? Search for the truth.

You'll go down many avenues and alleys and never arrive.


You can end the search right now and get to the closest thing the truth has to offer: Reality.


It's true that an apple fell out of a tree because you can witness that reality.


There is little reality in many peoples' version of the truth. Reality and truth don't have versions. They stand alone without varnish or spin.


Stop arguing for your truth and discover reality instead. "It is" is a phrase based in reality. Start noticing what is instead of what you want "is" to be, and ground yourself in ever present reality.


I would tell you this is all true but that would be a lie. It's just a pointer towards reality, which is as close to the truth as we can be.


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