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I Don’t Want To Learn To Dance - Grasshopper

In the spirit of full disclosure, I'm a lousy dancer. Don't believe me, just ask anyone in my family. But this is not the dancing I refer to.

"Dancing" to me is playing a game where you avoid the elephant in the room for as long as you can and pretend not to smell the evidence.


These are the type of dance steps that keep people tripping over the same problems. Reminds me of a story . . .


Many years ago I got a one-on-one meeting with the president of CBS Radio. My intention was to get his blessing on a new hire I wanted to make. My boss said he couldn't make that decision, so he arranged an audience for me to see this man.


His secretary escorted me into his office and pleasantries were exchanged. After we both took our seats on the opposite sides of his desk, he said, "What's up?"


I said, "There are two ways I can answer your question. One is to nibble around the edge of the cookie; the other is to bite right in." He opted for the big bite. That pleased me to no end because I didn't have to put on my uncomfortable dancing shoes. The good news for me was our meeting was quick and productive and I got what I came for.


Truth be told, I hate group meetings. To me, they are dance-a-thons where little, if anything, ever gets resolved.


I always preferred one-on-ones because I didn't have to dodge a bevy of people crowding the dance floor.


What problem are you avoiding with your nifty dance steps? It might make sense to sit one out and reflect on how to solve your dilemma.


Avoiding is always a delaying tactic and it doesn't contribute to a solution. Dancing around the issue keeps your problem smack dab in the center where it eternally demands attention.


A long preamble never softens the blow; it just delays it.


Want to get to solutions quicker? Dance away from delay.


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