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There Is No Reply That Will Satisfy “Why?” - Grasshopper

"Why?" rarely produces factual answers, just a bevy of emotional justifications that keeps the truth hidden and peace at a distance.

"Why?" will never allow you to dig deep. It's a flimsy shovel that will bend when it hits the first rock. I have grown into the habit of answering all "why" questions with a single word - "because."


"Why?" will produce a pre-fabricated "because" answer. Asking why is the easiest way to throw a person into the thought loop machine known as their head. There is never a lack of rationalizations for a "why" question, and when you ask it, you witness the spin machine go into high gear.

"Why did you canoodle with the pool boy?" "Because the smell of chlorine acts as an aphrodisiac on me and I lose all conscious control."



As absurd as that sounds, we do it all the time. An insistent "why?" begs us to lie, or be closed to the truth.

"Why did this happen to me?" is the most futile question a human being can ask. You deepen your denial of reality when you ask "why?" Did you ever notice that not even God answers a "why" question? The most impotent of prayers contains the question "why?"


Reporters would get more useful information if they dropped "why?" from their litany of questions. It returns the lowest form of information which is not actionable.

You or I will probably not completely stop asking "why?"  Yet, any step in that direction will get us closer to acceptance of reality which will lead us to the front door of peace.


"Why does this always happen to me?" is a question that begs for it to happen again and again. "How?" is a much better question, which produces a set of causes that are more easily acted upon. Even though asking an actionable question may get you more reliable data to prevent future happenings, even it will blunt or delay the arrival of peace.

The answer to the question may satisfy your intellectual curiosity, but it will not soothe you.


Acceptance of reality is the ultimate head clearer which paves the pathway towards peace of mind.

Reality is a religious experience. It's the closest thing to God you will find during your earthly existence. When you begin to accept reality, you get closer to the peace that all clergy, mystics and holy books point to.


Acceptance is surrendering to the moment, not the situation you find yourself in. It's out of this place of surrendered acceptance that you will create the space for peace to flow in. It's from this peace that you will find actionable answers more quickly.

Remember this: "Why?" will cause you to lie or deny. Why is this true? Because!


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