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“No Guts, No Glory” Is More Than A Story - Grasshopper

We all face choice points in our life. One of the biggest is the option to stop telling our story. It's the road less traveled and the outcome is this: glory is ceded.

"Why can't I ever get a break?" is a question from someone who has chosen "No guts."


One of the biggest personal revelations I have received during my life is this: "When all the talking is said and done, it's still your problem to solve." In my experience, at least 95% of people who are unsuccessful with counseling fail to recognize that someone else isn't going to fix it for them. They may get the most sage advice available but receive no glory because they don't have the guts to act on the counsel and stop telling their story.


When you come to the choice point in your life where you can stop blaming others, take it. "That's the way I am" is one of life's most limiting phrases and is always followed by "because." "Because" is the reason you offer for being in the situation you're in and use it to justify staying there. It's your story and it's a gutless choice.


I'm sure Henry Wadsworth Longfellow didn't write the following but it's poetic nevertheless: "Putting on your big boy or big girl britches is the remedy for getting you out of ditches."


"Man up" is a saying that has joined the vernacular in the last decade. It's the motto and action plan of those choosing the road to glory. The journey begins when your story ends.


To quote an old soul ballad, "This story ends here; it was no lie. Names have been changed dear to protect you and I."


Want to get on the road to glory? Have the guts to stop telling your story.


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