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I Don’t Know - Grasshopper

Knowing is the cement of solid positions; not knowing is the door to discovery.


When you know, you stop the flow . . . of new ideas.


"Know" in this context is "Know-it-all." Someone who knows it all has no room for something new. Someone could present them with the secret to the universe and be turned away because they have no room for it.


When you don't know, you open the door to more ideas and become less solid (more approachable) to the flow of life.


The rejuvenating fluidity of life flows around solid objects and flows through more porous ones.


Want to be open to more of what life has to offer? Give up knowing and replace it with curiosity. That way, the entire universe will flow through you rather than be repelled by the solidity of what you know.


Is there any validity to this idea of knowing more by knowing less? I don't know.


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