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There Is No Such Thing as “My Truth” - Grasshopper

The biggest popular myth today is that there are versions of the truth. “Horsefeathers” is not a strong enough word to convey my sentiments.

Real truth has no opposite. Real truth is reality - that which happens. “The apple fell from the tree” is true. If you have a different opinion, that’s your truth.


Disguising your opinion as the truth makes you a resident in the world of illusion.


“I’m living my truth” is bogus. All that statement says is that you’re justifying your approach to life and calling it the truth.


“This is my way of doing things” is more representative of what you’re calling “your truth.”


There is a lot of “I’m right” contained in “my truth.” Like The Grasshopper said moons ago, “Some people would rather be right than happy. And preferring to be right, they are left out.”


I haven’t yet heard “my truth” as anything other than a defense of one’s position. My experience is that those who live in a defensive mode have more than their share of unhappiness.


Want to be happier? Let go of “your truth.” You’ll let your defense down and be open to what’s right in front of you - reality without spin. This results in learning that truth is not relative; it’s revealing. It shows you what’s really happening.


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