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Losing Hope? - Grasshopper

I hope I haven't run out of things to say about hope.

As I've offered in the past, hope is a totally mind made phenomenon. Quite simply, we made it up. It's a concept.


Hope does have its advantages though, even though it contains no power to make anything in the future happen or not happen.


Here's a definition of hope that makes sense to me: Hope is the fuel that keeps us going until reality plays out one way or another.


Too many people have bought into the illusion that hope has something to do with the outcome they're hoping for. It never has and never will.


Hope is a "feeling smoother" - a mind quieter that acts as both a palliative and an energy source - one that keeps you functioning in the present as the future unfolds.


It's my hope that you'll keep fueling up with hope. It'll keep a tiger in your tank as you hope for the best.


All the best,


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