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Pardon Me - Grasshopper

My proper Swedish grandmother taught me the difference between "excuse me" and "pardon me." "Excuse me" means you want to leave; "pardon me" means you want some forgiveness.

You can ask others for forgiveness but it's not always forthcoming.  Better to start by forgiving yourself. You'll have a much better chance with others once you're successful with yourself.


Forgiveness is like a light switch; it's either on or off. You keep it off by believing that you're undeserving of it. The key to opening the light is to open yourself up to the idea that you're worthy.


This doesn't mean to use a mantra like "I'm worthy" and say it until you're out of breath. It means to just accept the possibility that you're deserving. Once you deem it possible, forgiveness has a much better chance of showing up on your doorstep.


You may want to entertain the question: "What would it feel like to be worthy of forgiveness?" Then let those feeling run around inside you. Forgiveness is an inside out process, not the other way around.


Once you feel worthy, you act worthy and that opens internal doors that were nailed shut.


Pardon me for saying so, but you have no excuse not to feel worthy. It just takes a bit of practice.


You'll have to excuse me now because I've run out of words.


All the best,


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