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How Solid Is Your Defense? - Grasshopper

If you were a defendant in a courtroom, this question would have one meaning. It has an entirely different meaning if you want to learn something new.

What are you defending that's solid as a rock? Chances are it has a dense wall that lets in nothing new. That means you're stuck in your head with the same old solutions - the ones that have an abundant history of failure.


Solid defenses are forceful beliefs that are called assertions. Assertions are hard line positions often devoid of facts. They most often are just conditioned opinions: "All fat people are lazy." 


When the defense of our position is hard lined, nothing new, no matter how logical, gets through.


To break down our walls, we just have to apply a little bit of science. The microscope shows us that nothing is solid. There is more space in solid things than we can sense. The microscope bypasses our conditioning and shows us the porosity of our position. In other words, it shows us the holes in our argument.


One phrase that bothers me to no end is "My Truth." There is no limitation on the truth. "My" is a solid limitation. I've come to find out that real truth has no opposite. If you can find one obese person that's a "Go-Getter," your truth begins to disintegrate.


When you discover there is a counter argument to your position, you find out there is room for something new to seep through.


Step out of your defensive stance for just a moment and consider what others have to offer. It's the beginning of learning what's solidly true for you is actually small little pieces being held together with weak glue.


Just by noticing your solid truths, you step in the direction of dissolving that glue and putting a microscope on what's true. And in the process you learn something new.


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