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Get Along Or Git? - Grasshopper

When I hear the phrase “Get along little doggie,” I think of three things:


1.      Git! Meaning “be on your way” as in Texas talk.

2.      An admonition to your pet: “Be nice to your friends” little doggie.

3.      Recommending that someone get a dachshund.

I’d like to address the first two.


Are you chasing people away by refusing to get along?


“My way or the highway” is the mantra of someone who doesn’t play well with others. I heard someone say a long time ago that the most efficient type of government is a dictatorship. What they forgot to add is that it depends on the dictator.


The benevolent dictator may only exist in a fairy tale, but if you believe you are one of them, look for the proof. Are people flocking to you to witness your next edict or are they staying home sick?


Do you make an effort to get along?


Getting along with others requires stepping out of your belief system long enough to notice that others may have different ones. Their conditioning is different than yours and we may use that fact to shun them rather than include them.


Once you get past yours or someone else’s beliefs, you begin to notice we’re all the same. We have a lot more in common than we do differences.


It really doesn’t cost anything to be nice. It will do a lot to help you get along. Yes, there may come a time that you’ll adopt the Patrick Swayze line from the movie Road House: “Be nice . . . until it’s time to not be nice,” but that will be the exception rather than the rule.


Are you chasing people away or inviting them to stay? It pays to know the difference between “Git” and “Get along.”


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