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Windy Caution - Grasshopper

There is a history to the phrase "Don't take any wooden nickels" and if you're interested in finding out more, Click Here. Basically, it's a warning to be cautious.

It seems when we are younger we throw caution to the wind. As we get older that wind seems more fierce and menacing and we hunker down.


What I'm addressing is fear. It's the sensation that keeps us from exploring the edge of excitement by promising to keep us isolated from any gale.


As my hypnosis teacher Dr. Dave Dobson claimed, "The ripe fruit is out on the skinny branches."


The trick is to recapture that youthful part of us willing to take risks. I'll admit it's a risky business to come out of your comfort zone (rut) and feel alive, but if you don't take risks, you're the walking dead.


The upside of being older is that you've seen your share of windbags with empty promises selling the oil of snakes, and you know it's not prudent to take that risk. But there are so many other ones to consider.


Golfers use the term "risk and reward" when they hit an errant shot into the woods. Their option is to try a very chancy shot or take a penalty stroke and place the ball where they can more easily hit it. Sometimes the risk of hitting it out of the woods works and most times it doesn't. The reward of hitting a decent shot out of the woods is you don't have to take a penalty stroke. The risk is the likelihood of staying in the woods with countless attempts to get out.


We have a built-in "OK/Not OK" signaling mechanism that is always there but too often we don't pay attention to it. That means that we have an internal risk assessor that guides us to act or not. Not noticing this barometer keeps fear continually blowing in our direction and keeps us in the woods.


If you are forever debating whether to take a risk or not, you have ignored the signal that was present when you weren't. It's in your best interest to start noticing and paying attention to that signal and act on it or not. It will alert you if you're going to feel a refreshing wind on your face or a blast that will knock you on your ass. It's the adult version of throwing fear and caution to the wind.


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