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When Too Many Sentences Begin With “I” - Grasshopper

Notice the people you avoid the most. And then ask yourself how many times they use the word “I.”

My guess is quite often.


“I” followed by referring to oneself in the third person is just “I” on steroids.


“We” has been left by the wayside and “I” continues to be a stick in the eye.


I recommend that you monitor your use of “I.” Then notice how many people pay attention when it’s your turn to talk. Their attention is inversely proportional to your use of “I.”


“I” is not a bad thing but when it’s overused, get used to people ignoring you.


Is there a cure for the abundant use of “I”? My guess is “Yes.” It begins with noticing it, not so much in others, but with you.


“I” is a habit that left unchecked, will keep your “Is” coming and lots of people going - in the opposite direction.


Pay attention to your use of “I.” It’s an eye opener to see how often we offend others when we get stuck on “I.”


The only productive use of many “Is” is when the “ayes” have it.  Other than that, you’ll wind up on an “I”land alone.


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